Hey everybody. We're Cristen and Jim. In 2017, we sold our house and most of our stuff, bought an RV, and stepped into the life we've dreamed of for years. We currently live in Boise, Idaho but wander and play whenever we can in the wilds of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. We love to mountain bike ride, hike, rock climb, snow shoe, and anything else that gets us wet or dirty.

A proponent of work-life integration, Cristen is a whole food, plant-powered (vegan) ghostwriter, book doctor, speaker, literary matchmaker, momentum coach, and lover of all things out of doors. She works with entrepreneurs, advocates, health and outdoor enthusiasts, and individuals who are ready to write the next chapter in their story. She owns WriteNow, LLC and is a regular contributor to Unbound Northwest.

Omnivore Jim helps non-verbal autistic young adults lead productive work lives and introduces them to the joys of physical fitness and the great outdoors. He is an advocate with a passion for sharing how business owners can profitably integrate autistic workers into various departments.

We love our work, our clients, and living right-sized lives that allow us to do what we love in places we love with people we enjoy.

Our Story

We're college sweethearts. Never mind that we met just seven years ago. You can learn more about our story by reading Love on the Rocks: The Romance of Climbing, a piece published by IDAHOmagazine in 2015.

WriteNow, LLC

Outside Is the Best Side